VOLKSWAGENs new electric car gets its own Youtube series.
The new electric model ID.3 is the hero of the “Becoming ID.” series.
HONEST developed the concept and produced the films.


Chapter 1 | Design
We got GOLD at the Telly Awards with the documentary about the ID.3
Chapter 2 | Konzeptentwicklung
Chapter 3 | Plattformmodell
Becoming ID. was the winner in the category “Branded Content – Campaign Branding”.
Chapter 4 | Ergonomie
Chapter 5 | Plastilinmodell
These clips were the final result after collaborating for almost three years with Volkswagen.
Chapter 6 | Digitales Datenkontrollmodell
Chapter 7 | Datenkontrollmodell
Volkswagen and HONEST offered a quite intensive look behind the scenes of the creation of the ID.3
Chapter 8 | Hochvoltbatteriegehäuse
Chapter 9 | Fahrzeugsicherheit
Watch and enjoy the different chapter of producing a whole new generation of cars.
Chapter 10 | Crawltest
Chapter 11 | Design Interieur
Feel free to reach out and contact HONEST if you and your company would like to work with us.
Chapter 12 | Farben, Materialien und Geometrien
Chapter 13 | Raddesign
Chapter 14 | Lichtinszenierung
Chapter 15 | Prototypenentwicklung
Chapter 16 | Prototypenfahrt
Chapter 17 | Vertrieb
Chapter 18 | Werk Zwickau
Chapter 19 | Pre-Booking Event

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